Blue Workforce Logo

Blue Workforce offers Robotics Workforce, based on a mass-customizable platform solution programed for industrial automation of Material Handling, Packaging and Logistic Industrial (MHPLI) tasks, primarily within the Food Sector (Food Processing and Packaging Industry –FPPI), enabling easy, efficient and risk managed sales, implementation and operation and maintenance, to serve high profitable growth and customer satisfaction throughout the life circle of our offerings. Blue Workforce is also the company behind the innovative Ragnar-series robots.


HiBot Logo

HiBot is an international company committed to providing the latest technologies for automation, industrial applications, robotics research, search and rescue missions, remote inspection, surveillance and more.

Whether you need miniaturized components for automation, robots for research or fully tele operated systems for hazardous operations, you are at the right place.


Cubitek logo 

Cubictek is a Korean company that tries to be the leader of shop-floor technology. Cubictek has developed industrial and educational software that is applied in the fields of CAD/CAM/CAE, Simulation, 3D measurement and Process control.

Cubictek has accumulated various know-how in the element technologies and applied them through Cubic Technology Research Center and invested in advanced technologies and solutions heavily and continuously.


Reflexxes GmbH logo 

Reflexxes is an engineering company that specializes in developing online motion generation software for robots and servo drive controllers. Founded in May 2010, the company has begun as a spinoff of the Robotics Institute at TU Braunschweig (Germany), where a team of researchers around Torsten Kroeger first developed an algorithm for computing robot motion trajectories from arbitrary initial states on-the-fly. This allowed robots to react instantaneously to sensor signals and events in any situation.


Simwat Simulations Logo

Simwat Simulations is a french company specializing in physics simulation. From R&D projects to consulting or training, Simwat provides what a client needs to get its simulation project completed successfully and in time. Being the official European distributor for Vortex, Simwat sill contributes to the Vortex product development as an external consultant to CM-Labs.


Scientific Formosa Inc. Logo

Founded in 1987, Scientific Formosa Inc. (SFI), located in downtown Taipei, is a leading professional software distributor in Taiwan with sufficient experience in marketing, sales as well as new technologies. Our main business is distributing variety of application software and providing technical support to customers. In the past 21 years, SFI has successfully introduced lots of new software products into the local market in Taiwan, such as computer-aided engineering software, numeric/statistical analysis software, and networking/communication software. Our main goal is to provide latest solutions to fulfill customers' needs and raise our customer satisfaction.